A selection of essays and writings by Clive Head

Clive Head Towards a Newer Realism 2022

Clive Head. March 2021-March 2022 A Year in the Studio

The Crossing: New Paintings and Drawings in Progress

The Parlour Paintings: Working During the Lockdowns 2021

The Parlour Paintings; A Series in Progress 2020

Clive Head Interviewed By Rosalyn Best About His On-Going Work Elephant in the Room

The King is Dead, Long Live the King; A Photographic Account

Pearly White. An Interview with Clive Head by Rosalyn Best 2018

Calder’s Ascension 2017

And Some Ran Away 2017

To the Silence of Tiresias 2016

Blue Galatea 2016

Jamming with the Double Yellow.2016

Summer Ark and Viaduct at FIAC 2015

Leda and the Bridgewater Swan 2015

Painting as Morphing. 2015

Interviewed by James O’Connell 2014

Surviving the Dark Ages 2014

Photorealism in the Digital Age 2013

Victoria to Arcadia 2012

Sun Setting over Victoria 2011